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Being in love with your life in spite of everything is possible

Although life is not always as we would like it to be, it is possible to love it and be satisfied with it.

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Loving and pampering your life is essential for your development. Along with self-love, it is the premise of our ability to properly give love to others and to love them in a healthy way. For how can you be happy and feel good about yourself if you are not able to feel love for your own life?

So, here are 12 ways to help you embrace your life in spite of everything that may come your way:

YOU ARE WHERE YOU NEED TO BE IN YOUR LIFE in order to enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Perceive the situations that present themselves to you as opportunities to stimulate you, to stop for a while, to reflect, to make changes, to relativize, to bring clarity, to understand patterns. It all depends on what your experiences can awaken constructive in you at that moment in your life. Be grateful for what you receive.

WHAT YOU'RE GOING THROUGH MAKES SENSE. It's up to you to give your story a positive and satisfying twist. You can have a fulfilling life if you choose to give your experiences a meaning that goes beyond what you perceive at first glance.

EVERY OBSTACLE IS A TREMPLINE to get you where you're supposed to go to achieve your goals. Difficulties help us bring out the best in ourselves when we accept to see these circumstances as an invitation to surpass ourselves and do our best.

REFRAME THE DIFFICULT SITUATIONS YOU ARE LIVING, the emotions that flow from them, the beliefs you have about what you think your life should be. In other words, find a positive alternative to the interpretation of your experience and tame what you cannot change.

THERE IS A LESSON TO BE LEARNED FROM EVERYTHING THAT IS EXPERIENCED, whether happy or unhappy. What you have to keep in mind is that all these situations make you grow and make you live your life better. By using these learnings positively, you create harmony in your life at the same time.

LIFE DOES NOT LAST FOREVER. We take it for granted and yet our existence can end overnight. We must enjoy our lives while we can, cherish every moment of our existence and take care of ourselves. Everything that happens to you is simply a sign that you are alive and that this life, which is yours, is worth living to the fullest and best of your ability.

YOUR LIFE IS A STORY IN WHICH YOU ARE THE HERO. You have the power to tell it with a sympathetic eye to yourself. Your life story should be an inspiring and encouraging narrative. Self-destructive thoughts and self-sabotaging should be carefully removed from your life's path to make room for self-love and self-compassion.

TAKE LIFE AS IT COMES. Each experience must be felt in a position of welcome and openness. Resisting it only increases your torment. Understand that your life path is what builds you and what makes you unique.

MAKE YOUR LIFE ENJOYABLE. Complement your life with activities that you enjoy or things you've always wanted to do but are constantly putting off. Lighten your life by relieving your discomforts. Taking this kind of weight off your shoulders requires a personal transformation. There are transformative retreats that help to heal your inner self. You will gain as much in freedom as in well-being and life will be gentler.

CHANGE WHAT YOU DISPLAY IN YOUR LIFE, because you have a creative force within you that allows you to reinvent your life. Take charge of your life. Clearly know what you no longer want, eliminate it and bring in what you want instead. Then take care of your life.

YOU ARE LOVED. You receive love, support, attention, sympathy, listening from your loved ones. You are wrapped in love and this love enriches your life, just as yours enriches theirs.

YOUR EXISTENCE IS USEFUL TO OTHERS. You contribute to the well-being of others when you help, share, comfort, forgive, give, and so on. This adds value to your life.

“Your mission: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

Karen Salmansohn

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(Ma qualité de vie means My quality of life in French.)






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